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Welcome to the Nanomedicine and Biomaterials Group at Lund University

The overall objective of the Nanomedicine and Biomaterials group is to develop novel innovative materials, concepts, and strategies for a range of in vitro and in vivo applications. The research is carried out at the interface of medicine, chemistry, nanotechnology, and materials science. Our main focus is on materials in the bead and particle formats in nano- and micro-sized ranges.

Within nanomedicine, nanoparticles for targeted therapy and diagnosis (theranostics) are developed. For in vitro applications, we develop supports for solid-phase synthesis and solid-phase screenings and polymer-based recognition elements for the analysis of clinical, environmental, and food samples. All materials are designed to cause minimal interference with the matrix in which the target is present. For medical applications, questions on biocompatibility and toxicity are addressed.

New publication: Henrik Kempe, Anna Parareda Pujolràs, Maria Kempe. Molecularly imprinted polymer nanocarriers for sustained release of erythromycin. Pharmaceutical Research 2015, 32(2), 375-388. DOI: 10.1007/s11095-014-1468-2. Download paper here

Principal Investigator
Maria Kempe, Assoc. Prof.
Phone: +46 46 - 222 08 57
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